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Help You To Build Your Website


I am going to ask you very important question.  If you are a business owner, should you have a website or should you just have a FB fan page. Well, I'll be considering that and many benefits of having your own website. I am going to share with you 3 benefits of having your own website online:

#1 You create a blog, you build a home for you to attract more visitors. 

#2  You create your own website, so people can connect with you and getting to know you and getting to like you.

#3 You can offer value and share content and sell your stuffs.

* Set Up Your Domain Name and Hosting

Let jump in shall we....

Step #1 is we have to set up your domain name and hosting.

New domains will cost about $10-15 a year.

You can buy domain name from a list below:

  • Bluehost (If you sign up hosting with Bluehost, it gives you a FREE domain)
  • HostGator

How much does a Website cost?

Depending on the type of domain name you choose, the costs of getting a new website could cost from $3.95/month to hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars.  

Today, I am showing you how to get your website launch under $160 per year. If you signup using my affiliate link below, I will help you to set up your website from start to finish.   It will not cost you a cent more. I will help you for FREE to make sure you complete launch your website as quickly as one day.       

You also need to get a web hosting.  BlueHost is one of the world's most popular choices for simple shared hosting.  BlueHost's 24/7 customer support team is ready to help you get your website up and running in minutes. You want to set up Bluehost so click this link to take you to a page that looks like this below:


​Take your time ​to finish signing up with Bluehost.

You can pick a plan that fit your needs.


​My suggestion is picking a plan that costs roughly $60 a year.  Follow all the screens to finish your setting up hosting with Bluehost.

After you're done with signing up your hosting Bluehost.

You need to get a website builder to build all your pages on your ​Bluehost workpress.

My suggestion for you is installing OptimizePress. Click this link to get to website builder pricing.

​You only need to get the basic package which is $97 one time that you need so what you want to do is Click order now​ and then fill in all of your information and go through the steps of purchasing OptimizePress.

Please email me at when you are done purchasing Bluehost hosting and OptimizePress WordPress website builder.

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